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My mother was a junkie. These startling words are Reverend Nedra Davis introduction to the handsome, mysterious stranger named Sinclair Reasoner, who goes by the name, Sin. It is a name that will prove to be prophetic.Nedra is a woman who cannot afford to become involved in emotional entanglements. The career she has chosen is not an easy one for a beautiful woman, but she has gained respect and garnered renown for her innovative approach to eradicate drugs in the Oakland. CA community. The media has dubbed her The Anti-Drug Queen.. Her present and future are bright.Coincidence and circumstance keep bringing Nedra and Sin together and their attraction for each other grows. However, Sin is adamant in his own resolve to keep Nedra out of his life. Although a prominent businessman, he lives in the shadows and knows that he must live there alone. To bring anyone else into his life could be dangerous. Unknown to Nedra, or anyone else, Sinclair Reasoner launders money for the biggest drug dealer in Oakland.

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